NOT SOLVED! visitors can't review 5 stars, only 4

Ok i had to repost this since my other post was closed without a solution or any an attempt whatsoever to try to solve it.

I have a problem, when someone tries to rate 5 stars, the fifth star doesnt change the color in hover, it is not selected and if i click in the fifth star, it is like clicking the 4th star.

I contacted the plugin developer and i disabled all plugins and that was not the problem, it is the theme because i changed it for the default and the plugin worked fine

can you help me please? im using the plugin free version

Sure, this is my test site where I’m having the issue

The yasr plugin developer checked your theme out and told me the plugin is not perfectly integrated to your theme. I hope you can fix the problem because I really like this theme, thanks in advance!


Sorry about your last topic.

We’re using a bit of CSS to make the stars smaller and that CSS is causing the issue it seems.
Add this in a custom CSS plugin and you’ll make the stars bigger only in your single posts (not in your sidebar or homepage):

.single .hentry .bigstars {
      transform: none;

that solved it!! thanks a lot Vlad!! :smiley:

have a good day/night
now you can close it as solved :slight_smile: