Not showing all possible categories for creating menu

Hi there again,

I have moved successfully my website to a new hosting center. Everything works but Apperance>Menu section in WP admin panel not. It shows 3 categories only: Pages, Links, Categories.

I can’t create any menu for Clients or Services etc.? I have reinstalled settingsv3.xml file and the problem remains.

Any clue?

They never where in the categories tab. You could add them manually like this:

One picture better than 1000 words. :wink:

Here is my original Menus section on my local server:
Menus Section OK

And on my remote server:

Menu Section not OK

Why are there 3 categories only?

Oh, I understand now.
Can you go to Screen Options (top right in the Menus screen) and see if they are checked?

Vlad! You’re “da man” :slight_smile:

Thanks, everything works now. It shows me how WordPress is new to me and how many possibilities it has. :smiley:

But the question is: why wasn’t it checked after the migration? :slight_smile: (Don’t bother to answer it if you are busy :wink: )

I have no idea :slight_smile: