Not Loading

My website seems to not be loading at all and is stuck on the bouncing ball loading page. This problem must have just recently started because before my website worked just fine and I have not changed anything. Please help!


Are you using some gallery plugin other than the one from our documentation page? Or have you installed any plugin recently. There seems to be a JS conflict there.

I actually did just installed “Huge IT Portfolio Gallery” and now that I deactivated it, it is working again! Thank you!

You can use it if it you need it, the plugin itself isn’t causing the issue. You just need to disable our portfolio plugin because they conflict.

Hi, I am having the same issue. When I activate the portfolio plugin the site won’t load. I don’t have Huge IT Portfolio Gallery so I am unsure what it is conflicting with or why it is causing this issue. Any ideas at this stage will be great.

Looks like it is conflicting with the Envira Gallery Lite plugin. What is the workaround in using both? Alternatively is there a way to display the portfolio items without the Portfolio plugin?