"Not found" during import starter side


After installing Airi theme I wanted to import starter side called “lawyer”. Unfortunetally during content loading there is an error “Not found”.
Screen can found be here: https://paste.pics/2e7f66ad84ef1657bdfc83a17dd33a57
Unfortunately there isn’t any logs from wordpress.

I have tried to import other starter-sides and it looks like the issue is related with almost all pages. The onle starter-side which a was able to load was agency.

Do you know how to help me?


I am sorry you have ben running into an issue. I am happy to help with it.

To help me better identify the problem, can you confirm whether you were trying to import multiple starter sites in a single WordPress website?

aThemes Support

Hey, thanks for your answer

Not exactly. I have installed Airi theme and after that I wanted to load lawyer starter side. Unfortunatelly it returns an “not found” error.
Just to verify if it’s not a problem with my configuration I was trying to load other starter-side. And only agency side was loaded correctly - the other starter-sides also return not found error.

Hello, I have exactly the same problem, only one starter site can be imported : the “creative angency”. The other ones return the error “not found”. And I wanted to use the “Health” one and for this one even the preview is broken.

For the preview it’s just because the url point to “/airi-health” instead of “/airi-health-coach”

And for the “not found” : it is because the request for the xml of the content is made to :


instead of :


And maybe it is the same for widgets and customizer

Could you repair that please ?

Thanks by advance

Hey aa05. Thanks for your investigation! Based on that I have found some workaround for that problem. You just need to download xml, wie, and dat files for your starter side. In my case there were:
(and there is a link for the third file but I can’t paste it because new users are able just to put two links in a replay /athemes.com/themes-demo-content/airi/lawyer/airi-c-lawyer.dat)

In your case it will probably follow the same schema.
After that you need to install “one click demo inport” plugin and using that upload those three files.
And that’s it. I have loaded my starter-side.

Hi all,

​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

I am sorry, I can’t reproduce the same issue. Everyting is working fine.

Can you let me know whether you are using the latest version of Airi theme or not?

Can you share a screen recording when importing, this may help me better identify the issue?

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