Noob questions (mos def stupid)

hi there,
i started playing with sydney yesterday. it was my first day with wordpress and it was great (really).
now i’m learning and trying to fix small issues like:

  1. finding css style sheet of one of my pages - it says about services only and page name appears on the left hand side, above the text. i’d like to get rid of it but don’t know where to edit the css
  2. it’s a simple page without widgets. plain text only - i changed the background color of my front page and the same color appears on the services page i’m working with. but in the page body, a white text box appears. how to unify the colors of background and text box?
    as you can see, page name Oferta appears left, so the first fa icon does - no idea why, as it is center aligned and justified thoroughly (double checked)


Post a link to your page please. It would be easier to understand what you need and give you some code. Also note that there is only one stylesheet, style.css. You shouldn’t make changes in it.