Noob CSS Question

Hello, I am trying to customize a page so that my content is the full width of the page, not blog width. I found your post on “add this custom CSS” here. I have the simple Custom CSS plug-in, but when I paste the code snippet into that, I don’t see any change.

I am wondering if this is the wrong place, I only want to change pages to full width for one or two pages, not all.

Also, does Moesia have problems with Visual Composer and its widgets? Their parallax widget is what I am trying to get working full-screen.



Post the links to the page you want full width please so I can have a look and give you the code. I don’t really know to what post you’re referring to.
Moesia wasn’t tested with Visual Composer, we’re basing on the Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin.

Hi, I solved it. I used your Full Width CSS with the Full Width template, and that wasn’t going to the screen edges.

I simply switched the page template to “First Page”, even on a child page, and immediately it worked.



I just installed Visual Composer but using the “Front Page” template is not working. My content is not shown.
Then if I change to full width it appears but with an outer box.

Do you know how I can solve it?