Non-static top on nested page? Possible?

First off, love the theme.

Need some help -
I’m trying to make a nested page without the static top.
For example, in the demo, the “blog” page has a static top
Is there a way for me to remove the top from my nested page?

I want to create a new page, much like the “blog” page, and have it fill the full size of the browser window, without having the static top.

Is this possible?
I imagine I’m overlooking an option somewhere…
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, post a link to your page that you want to change. I didn’t catch what you want, navigation to be fixed top or whole header to be fixed?

Or maybe to remove whole header?

Thanks for the quick reply

nested page:

on the nested page I’m looking to get rid of the top portion that says “The Food Node” and instead have my ticket registration centered/styled as a full page

Let me know if that makes sense, if not I’ll markup a screenshot

Ok, this is custom CSS that you should apply:

#1 hide header:

.page-id-4336 header#masthead {
  display: none;

#2 centering content: .content-area {
  min-width: 100%;

this is styling for this page only (see ID)

Absolutely perfect.

Thank you so much for the solution!
I was going in circles trying to play with the options.

Thanks for the support, and thanks for the awesome theme.

Where can I “like” this or something of that sort to promote?

Thanks, I’m glad I could help, your response is more than enough :slight_smile: