No "set feature image" option in employee section

Love the template.
The problem I’m having is that I have no " set Feature Image" option underneath categories on the right side menus in Wordpress when I create an employee.I have a photo option in the employee info section and when I create an employee and post it, it shows up as just the names.

Any ideas?

Hi, please check the “screen option” when you add/edit the employees detail.
You have to tick the “Feature Image” from the screen option

Hey, Thanks for the info, I checked the screen option and that option is not listed. Any other thoughts??

Is this happened on employees form only?

Can you try to deactivating all plugins one by one (that not recommended by the theme)? Just to know if it was because plugin conflict

I saw a post about doing that while researching the problem. I have also done that to no avail, its only on the employee page, sorry I should have mention that earlier

Okay, please go to:
Types > post types > employees > please make sure that “Thumbnail” option is ticked

That did it, awesome , thanks a bunch for your help :slight_smile:

Ah great! happy to hear that the trick can resolved the issue :slight_smile: