No "Services" on Dashboard

Hello everyone!
I know this might be an annoying question, but I don’t have anything new on the dashboard after installing Sydney’s Plugin… how do I manage to solve this ?
For example, I don’t have “Services”, and so on…

Screenshot of Dashboard

Please help :slight_smile:


You also have to install Types plugin, and after install import settings file from Types > Settings > Import/Export.

Also check documentation here (here you will find settings file)

If these plugins wont display after install and import, please disable all your additional plugins one by one since most commonly this can be due to a plugin conflict.

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Thank you for your response! The problem is that I can’t install the “Types” plugin :frowning:

Solved !!! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem; Type plugin failed to install. How do I install it successfully? Can someone help?