No Register Options on Page

Hi, we are testing our payment gateway but its not letting us register.

This is what its doing … I go “Buy No” then filled in ALL details, then “Place Order” it does NOT go anywhere.

On our navigation I have included “Register” but their are NO registering fields.

Seems there is a problem with registering somewhere, have I left something out?

Here is my site URL

Hi Judy,

The registration form is on your page. Once your customer has registered, they should be able to see the option via the My Account page for adding a billing address and here they can also change their password. There is also the option for them to add a billing address when they check out after purchasing their goods.

I did a test on your checkout and it asked me to provide a validated email prior to making a purchase (You have to supply a validation email for: Right now it is looking very confusing for your customer as they must register via their My Account page prior to making a purchase.

What method do you have in place for the customer to validate their email address prior to making the purchase?

Hi Lace, I am confused with this registration so lets see if I can ask/explain better.

  1. I want customer to register on checkout page…and that means also adding billing address here and shipping address (both if possible) :- if you could explain method/process to do this

  2. Should I delete Register from navigation bar to prevent confusion on registering?

  3. Is it OK to leave The Accounts tab on the navigation bar? … I’m thinking they need to have an avenue to see or change their details if they wish, other wise they will not be able to access their account details

  4. I got someone to test checkout page … they are also getting ‘provide a validated email prior to making a purchase’ I have NO clue what this means and where I can change or delete this option.

Hi am back, re-thinking this.

If it’s asking to “validate email” does it mean that it is that link one gets in an email to activate registration. If this is so then registration cannot be left until checkout page ?

If that’s the case then we don’t have a registration option, as you can see when selecting Register from navigation tab it is blank. As a new shopper, its sounds more logic to chose register instead of My account … My account is for only AFTER you have become a registered member.

We did try and register in My Account but it wont register - keeps saying password is too weak - and we tried 10different difficult names and keeps saying too weak and cant go further

Hi Judy,

Yes, I would take the Registration off the navigation bar.

Leave the Accounts tab as here they should be able to login and see their orders and the progress of their order status.

There must be a setting somewhere where you have been given the option to validate/verify email address prior to checking out. Perhaps in your payment merchant settings? I looked in the woocommerce settings and there is no such option. Think about all of the settings you checked or changed for the checkout process (process of elimination) to find the setting. Sorry I cannot help otherwise.

Best wishes

Ok, I managed to solve the problem. I removed the password strength meter.

Now only problem is having both billing and shipping address. We definately need the two options.

Hello Judy,

Here you told that you found and rectified all the problems, can I mark this topic as Resolved?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Yes, sorted Roman. Thank you. It was a problem with Swiss knife plugin.

Okay Judy, thank you for telling about what was the problem.

Kind Regards, Roman.