No portfolio?

I have services, testimonials, employees but no portfolio?

On the front page I can see the portfolio at the bottom but I have no portfolio in the menu.

Please help!


Enable jetpack plugin

Goto wordpress settings > writings > scroll to bottom > tick portfolio projects.

This stuff should be added to documentation athemes!

How do I get the portfolio widget on the front page to link to the portfolio pages not just bring up the image?

I’m working on a site that’s going to be big, and of course I’ll leave the footer link for you guys. I just need a little initial help.#

Thanks a lot for the theme.


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Hi, sorry for the delay.

For Intro theme portfolio widget can’t link to portfolio page, there is no such option. If you want to keep Intro theme, and want additional options, you should ask aThemes team for customization.

If you want that option for free, check Moesia theme, it’s very good one and it have link for portfolio items by default. Also you can specify links for images inside clients section.