No Options anymore for background image of the Row

I use SiteOrigin Builder for mt new website . I don’t have anymore the options for background image of the ROW . There were a lots of background image with parallax effect. But all parallax effects have disappeared. The background images appears like “fixed” now. On the other web site no problem but i did not update this website. How resolve this problem ? thk U

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble. Please tell us which versions of WordPress core, Sydney Pro theme and Page Builder are running in your site? Thus I could exactly reproduce and troubleshoot the issue.


WordPress 4.9.7
Sydney ProVersion : 2.0.9
SiteOrigin Page Builder Version 2.7.3
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Version 1.12.1

Thk U

Hello there,

Parallax row image background works fine on my test site with same versions as you mentioned. I visited your site and found a section with parallax “LE BLOG HELLO SIX FOURS” and it’s showing no issue. Let me know if you’re still facing trouble.



parallax row options doen’t appears for ROW but it’s OK for WIDGET. that is the problem

Hello there,

We disabled it because we defined own parallax effect. You can get it back by adding this function to your child theme’s functions.php file.

function sydney_pro_child_enable_row_image_options( $fields ) {

	unset( $fields['border_color'] );

	$fields['background_image_attachment'] = array(
		'name'        => __( 'Background Image', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
		'type'        => 'image',
		'group'       => 'design',
		'description' => sprintf( __( 'Background image of the %s.', 'siteorigin-panels' ), strtolower( $label ) ),
		'priority'    => 6,

	$fields['background_display'] = array(
		'name'        => __( 'Background Image Display', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
		'type'        => 'select',
		'group'       => 'design',
		'options'     => array(
			'tile'              => __( 'Tiled Image', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
			'cover'             => __( 'Cover', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
			'center'            => __( 'Centered, with original size', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
			'fixed'             => __( 'Fixed', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
			'parallax'          => __( 'Parallax', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
			'parallax-original' => __( 'Parallax (Original Size)', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
		'description' => __( 'How the background image is displayed.', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
		'priority'    => 7,

	return $fields;

remove_filter('siteorigin_panels_row_style_fields', 'sydney_remove_default_so_row_styles' );
add_filter('siteorigin_panels_row_style_fields', 'sydney_pro_child_enable_row_image_options', 9999, 1);


Options appears BUT
The parallax effects still doesn’t works. Fixed, mosaic, centered are ok but not parallax.

Please look at this test :

What i see

How works you’re NEW own parallax effect for ROW (not for widgets) ?

Hello there,

I am sorry for the delay. It looks like your parallax row works fine to me as seen on this short screencast.

Please note that it is disabled on a screen smaller than 1025px due to hardware performance optimization. Refer to this discussion please.


My screen is in 1920px.

I am using FireFox ans it seems to be the problem . Because it works on explorer ! But it don’t understand why i can still see the parallax effect on my website when still using Firefox. I don’t have updated the version of sydney2 on this website ( The same , That’s ok for

I have the old version of sydney pro ii ?
If i change the new version by the old one, will it works ?

Hello there,

It seems like runs Talon theme. Not sure if downgrading Sydney Pro theme on could resolve parallax issue.


I know that runs talon theme. That’s why I don’t understand : why there is a problem with the new version of sydney.
I haved activated the original theme twenty seventeen -> background image options appears = OK -> parallax effect runs on firefox.
I have un-installed the new sydney theme. I have installed the “old” -> parrallax effect are running BUT i can’t see background image options.
I have added the function (you gave to me in this topic) to my child theme’s functions.php file. All is running but I always see options in double (red and green) .

You should check you’re new version on FireFox. Maybe it’s ok for ELEMENTOR but it’s not a good thing with SiteOrigin.


I am having the same issue with the Sydney Pro Theme. Same Version of Sydney Pro, Same Version of SiteOrigin, … In Firefox the parallax effect does not work at all.

Is there a solution? I do not want to install an older version of Sydney. I hope you guys find a better solution for that!


And another issue with row background:
The overlay does not work too. Maybe thats some kind of same issue. If it worked in the older versions of Sydney Pro, there went something wrong with your last update.

Hello there,

For performance reason, parallax is disabled by default. To re-enable it, you have to edit the main theme’s stylesheet (style.css). And remove this code block:

    @-moz-document url-prefix() {
        .panel-row-style {
              background-position: center !important;

In the future theme update, you’ve to re-do this edit because all files are wiped out and replace the new ones.