No need for blog feed on first page/ how do I build my first page?

dear friends
i have followed the instructions on your documantation (
I have created my first(home page) but not a blog page, since i do not want the blog feed to appear on main page (still I haven’t figure out how not to show blog on index, and please tell me how)

Then, I tried to built it; thus i followe the instructions, built it with the builder and then on appearance, make it a static. But nothing is alligned.

Please help me

WhatI am doing wrong?

Could you post a link to your website so we can see the issue?

hope this is ok for you

Seems you didn’t assign the front page template to your page. Edit that page and select Front page from the menu on the right.

Do that and we’ll see after if there is anything else wrong.

ups…that was a basic one!
thank you so much!!!

Hey Vlad…

It is me agian, and now I need the exact oposite

I d like to create a blog page and connect it with my posts.
what ive done so far is to make visible the posts in my front page (used the moesia recent posts widget), but i haven t figure yet how to “connect” my page called BLOG with blogroll/posts (site :


If you go to Customize > Static Front Page you’ll notice an option to set a blog page. Not sure if you did that or not?