No Mobile Images

Hi – Sydney Pro buyer here, beautiful theme and we’re using the child theme we downloaded from your site plus a bit of custom CSS. In desktop browsers all images render properly – but not on an iPad or iPhone… we see the size boundary box but not the images themselves; the only images we see on mobile are our custom slider images on the landing page. No pix on standard pages, the blog archive page, single posts, or Crelly.

Thanks in advance, I super-appreciate your help,



I would need to see your site but usually it’s either because the image is too large or the image file’s name contains exotic characters which iphones can’t process.

Hi Vlad, thanks for your response. Our staging server was set up to hot-link to the images on our dev box. That’s fixed and images look fine. So now we’re onto smaller style changes and I’ll start different threads for those later today. Thanks again,