No matches Found error instead of services

I set up a services Page with the services template. When I preview the page I only get a page that says “No matches found” (see I can not figure out the problem. Look forward to getting any hint from you.



Hello Ben,

Did you add some services in Dashboard > Services section?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,
thank you for your hint. I set up 3 services under Dashboard > Services as you recommended and I named a category for them. Then I entered the category named for the services into the services widget of my services page and set the page template to services.
Despite these efforts there is no way to get the services page shown up. The no matches found error remains.

Kind regards, Ben

Hello Ben,

You should not add widget if you use Services page template.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,
thanks for your reply. I deleted the widget and left the services page blank.
This did not lead to any change.

Best regards Ben

Meanwhile I deleted and reinstalled everything. Since then everything works as expected.
Obviously the first installation did not finish properly.
Thanks for your help!

Regs Ben

You are welcome Ben!

Kind Regards, Roman.