No layout support for non-Moesia PB widgets?

I’m using the Text and Image(PB) widgets on my site, and they essentially break the layout. Moesia widgets centre align and have a maximum width. Non-moesia widgets span the full width of the viewport, and at wide window widths a large space opens up in the middle, while left and right margins remain tiny.

Effectively there is no layout support for non-Moesia widgets, so if you need any content which does not fit into the defined Moesia classes, you’re out of luck.

Is that right?

I’m not saying everything is perfect, but that’s because initially Moesia was designed to work with one widget per row and that way of working was changed in the last update.
You can add this to a custom CSS plugin to increase those margins:

.panel-grid-cell {
   padding-left: 30px !important;
   padding-right: 30px !important;

The gap in the middle you’re referring to is 1. not in middle, 2. not a theme issue. It’s because most of your images are too small to span the full width of your column. You have images that are 600px in width. Those can’t extend to more than 600px and that’s where the gap comes from. For instance, the image you use in the What we offer section doesn’t create a gap because it has a sufficient natural size to fill the space.

You can put two text widgets next to each other on the same row to see what I’m talking about above, they’ll both properly expand to 50% of the whole row width.

I hope this make sense. Anyway, we’re going to try and improve the behaviour when multiple columns are used.