No icons after installation

I really like this theme and was trying to install it on two different hostings, two languages and some more settings configuration (from Chrome and FF as well). Unfortunatelly, I can’t see Icons. Even if I create the front page with template and than add some Moesia ready components… I can’t get the icons anywhere.
Even the theme preview - before installation - doesn’t show me any icons.
Oh, and tried to install this theme from the WP theme module, as well as downloading the zip file and sending to the server.
Here is the example page:

Can anyone help me, please?

noone having the same issue? I’ve repeated the installation once again to be sure that I haven’t made a mistake and the result is the same :frowning:


Sorry for the delay, looks like we missed your topic. Where exactly are you expecting to see icons, I’m not seeing any blocks on your site? Just two empty rows.

Thanks a lot!
After you wrote that I have nothing on my site, I’ve realized that maybe I should add …something. And it works! After adding few services, posts, links to social menu, everything started to look like the example.

I was almost sure that uploading the demo and creating the front page… everything will automatically create EXACTLY the same look like the your sample. I was wrong.

I can see that the social icons or category titles are more dynamic in Chrome than in Firefox. I suppose that there is no solution to that, but I will dig this forum to find answers to all my questions.
Thanks. This is a great theme!