No header = menu scroll off screen

First of all - Great theme! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I just have a small issue, i’m not sure if it’s be design or not - but if I select “No header (only menu)” as my Site Header Type, the logo and menu don’t follow my scroll - they just scroll off the page when i scroll down

If i select a slider or header image it works fine, the menu and logo scroll with me, it’s only if i select the menu only header

Unfortunately I can’t post my site as I haven’t setup DNS yet (i’m not ready to go live) and the demo site has a header image selected so i can’t see if it’s just my site or not :frowning:

That’s how the theme is built. The menu isn’t sticky in the no header mode. So it’s not just your site :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: - Should i just make the position:fixed for the header !important and then play with the padding in the css??

Yeap, that would work. Just make sure you do it in a custom CSS plugin or child theme.

Thanks Vlad - I’ll stop being lazy and create a child theme :), thanks for your help!