No header image shown after update 1.24

Hi there,

Since i updated the Moesia theme from 1.23 to 1.24 (yesterday) my header image is gone. I also tried to deleted my header images and add new header images again, but appararently the uploaded header images are stil not visible/shown at my site.
But i can see the all the header images i’ve uploaded in menu bar at the left.

When i upload my logo in the welcome area it does show the logo. But why not the headerimage? What happend?

Hope you can help me.



That’s strange. Though you could get some help if you post a link to your website as this is not a known issue, you’re the first that reported it.

Hi Vlad, you can see it here. Many thanks in advance.
Hopefully you can solve it!

Are you that fast? Just refreshed my page and it seems to be solved!?
All header images are working again. Thanks a lot for solving it!

I didn’t solve anything :slight_smile: I don’t even see the link to your website. It was probably a caching issue if refreshing the page solved it.