No Header Image In Big Screens


this is my site:

Since my laste Update I realized that the header image is not showing anymore on big screen-scale.
The recommended 1920 × 1080 pixel image is uploaded and defined in the customizing settings.
What do I do wrong? Where can I find additional documentation
"Header-Background-Size" Settings -which do not have any effects on my site…


Not really sure what’s wrong there but I think it is related to your child theme which isn’t done correctly. Switch to the parent theme for a bit and check if it works.

…solved my problem finaly myself! Was an update mistake in my childtheme.
Excuse me for inconvenience.

Thank you vlad

Hi all, I am also running into problems with this, my website header image is only showing on small screens and not laptops etc.

My website is

Any ideas?