No header image / horizontal scroll

Hi , I have looked through forums and cannot find an answer to my 2 issues. Firstly the header image on my front page is not appearing, even though i uploaded a 1920 x 1080 image in the customize>header area, and secondly, a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page meaning the whole page can scroll to the right rather than filling the available space. Any advice please? I have the latest version of moesia and page builder.

sorry, here is site link -

Hi, I looked at your site, header image is showing on front page. Also there is no horizontal scrollbar. I checked your page on desktop PC with different browser sizes.

If you are accessing your page with smartphone or tablet try updating your browser or try a new one.

Remove the Full layout from your first row in the Page Builder to get rid of the scroll bar. The front page template is already full width. I also see the header image just fine.

Thank you very much dimik and vlad. I now see the header, must have been a caching issue. Regarding the scroll bar, I am not sure what you mean by removing the full layout from the first row in the page builder vlad, could you expand? thanks

AH! i got it - I was looking in the text area rather than the actual row. THANKS!