No head imagine


i have a question.

this is a link which explained “ABOVE HEADER WIDGET AREA”

in video when you clicked a blog menu, i mean when blog is opened the head imagine doesn’t exist. how can i do that?


Go to Customize > Welcome Area and you’ll see a checkbox there that disables the header image for all pages except the front page.


thanks dear

i have the other question. how can i increase the length of the menu bar?

at the side of menu bar is empty , it makes menu bar thinker

thanks dear


You can add this to a custom CSS plugin

.site-branding {
   width: 33.33333333%;
.main-navigation {
   width: 66.66666667%

And change them as you need.


thanks .


is there any explanation how i can put the Social button BELOW HEADER WIDGET AREA?


It’s a widget area, you can put whatever widget you want in it just like you can see in the video.



I’ve installed this template and i’ve a problem with the header image. When i select the checkbox to disable the header image for all pages except the front page…–> the header image is disabled for all pages and the home page. Do you have any idea?




Could you post a link to your website?