No H1 headings on homepage


Hi there, I’ve just done an SEO audit and apparently I have no H1 headings on my homepage. This is strange because I’ve entered a title in the site title portion of the theme. Could you kindly have a look and let me know what I could modify?
Many thanks!



As default the theme are using

  • H1 for the title page / post
  • H2 for the site title on header
  • H3 for the widget title


Many thanks for the explanation. I added an H1 elsewhere.


The question remains though - if I choose to upload an LOGO on home page ( Customize -> Site title/tagline/logo ) - there will be no H1 tag on the home page. Is it supposed to be like that?

Thank you!


Hi Linda,

Yes, The site title is removed when you upload a logo image.