No desktop view in customizer

Hello, I have not a desktop view in the customizer (see attached files). This is the first topic. The the second topic is, the menu in the mobile view (in the customizer and on the webpage) is now a square, not the three lines.
This both comes, if I have changed the font settings with different Google fonts.
How can I reactivate my desktop view in the customizer an dhow can I change the menu icon für mobile devices to three lines (default).
The website ia
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, Gerd Gruhn

Hello Gerd,

Normal desktop view will appear only if customizer’s preview area is large enough. If you use larger device (resolution 1900px or more), your site will look exactly like on desktop. This is not an issue to resolve because Sydney is responsive and its layout will automatically adjust to device’s screen width. As well as in customizer case, it adjusts to the preview iframe. This iframe acts like a device’s screen.

I hope I’ve explained it well.