No Continue Reading in Post

Hi Community!

Is there a way to have more than 2 lines of words appear in a post and NOT have the Continue Reading appear?

I’m trying to create the appearance of a single page site with all my postings. If you look at the website you’ll notice that all her posts are displayed in full on the main page. You dont ever need to click and open the post in a new page.

Is this possible with Fashionistas?


yes this is possible with Fashionista theme and rather very easy to get this done.

Go to Appearnace >> Customize >> content/excerpt and check blog index.

It will have all the posts with content instead of excerpt

Hope it helps!!


Sam e issue here nut the opposite. I want the Excerpt and the “read more” to show.
I do not see content/excerpt in Appearance.
I only have
Site Title & Tagline
Static Front Page.

Where can I access content/excerpt?



Can you confirm, if you are using fashionsita theme. Also please share a link to your site.