No color selection button when modifying the text widget


I did a fresh install of Talon (free, for now). The tutorial video about widget styling shows a button right of the color field where you can click on. I have the field (in which I would enter e.g. #ffffff) but NOT the button for easier / visual color selection which would then update the color code automatically).

So before I decide to purchase this theme i like to know if the color selector function was removed on purpose recently or if something may be wrong with the installation, or if that function is aonly available in the pro version. It is rather inconventient :slight_smile:

I cannot add a screen shot here, else I could show you. but it is the Talon: image widget, then choose design and then I see nowhere a button to choose colors.


Hello René,

I have just checked Talon and Talon Pro on my localhost. Talon doesn’t have color picker neither in row settings nor in widget settings, Talon Pro has it for both.

By the way, there are many advanced color pickers available online, for example this:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Clear, so this is only a feature in the PRO version, thanks for the fast response and also the workaround.


Just wanted to clarify that the color picker sometimes isn’t loaded by the page builder plugin, not sure why. And this is regardless of theme, I mean we don’t do anything special in this regard in Talon Pro that we don’t do in the free version.
For example on my localhost the color picker shows using the free version.

Thanks Vlad. I meanwhile see the color picker now. I have changed themes a few times. Small mystery, but solved now. THanks for this additional info!