No animation throughout website


I have just changed my whole website from the Zerif Lite theme to Sydney theme. The only reason I chose this theme was because when I saw the demo I liked the animation throughout the page like the titles and pictures sliding in for example. I completed adding all the blocks to the main homepage but when I scroll down the page I don’t see the animation. Does anybody know what I’m missing?

The URL is

Thank you very much in advance!


Thank you for choosing our theme.
I just checking your site and all is working well. Could you tell me which section that doesn’t work?


Hi Awan!
Thank you for your reply. I mean the parallax effect while you scroll down the page.
During demo I saw the effect of images and titles/texts sliding in… I am trying to have that on my site.
For example, when you are on the front page, you can see the header slider going (mine is working great!), but then when I started scrolling down to the “Services” section (which on my site is “Our Packages”, I dont see the effect (on the demo, that row moves when you scroll down). I was wondering how to add that.


To add background image and set the parallax effect to it, you can go to:
Edit page > Edit row > Row styles > Theme > upload your background image > and set the row layout to full width strecthed

Actually, I don’t understand enough your explanation in above because I check the demo site and check the service section and there is no background image with parallax effect

If my advice in above is incorrect, would you please take a screenshots of which section from your site should has the parallax effect?