No animation on the front page


I’ve just download the demo intro and I followed all the instructions from the youtube video.
But when I go to the front page, look what I see :

No airplane, no animations, just simple text.
Maybe I forgot a plugin ?

Kind regards.

Hello, please try to reinstall the theme and tell me what you got :slight_smile:


All right.
I’ve just delete the theme and reinstall it.
But, it’s still the same…

There is just one problem, when I follow the youtube video, We need to create a new page " front page ".
And choose a theme or a model on the right panel.
But in the video you choose " front page ".
I don’t have it !
As you can see on the pictures :

What can I do ?

Thank you.
Kind regards.

you can try to choose “no parent” and “default template”

and also you have to create a content for the page using page builder (in order to display the page as single page / front-end)


If I choose “no parent” and " default template ", look what I see :

Do you have a tutorial ? I don’t know how to create a content for the page with page builder.

Kind regards.

here is some of the tutorials

you can google it if need more tutorials