No alt tag in slider pictures


in the html code of a page which content a slider, we can see :

div id=“slideshow” class=“header-slider” data-speed=“6000” data-mobileslider=“responsive”>
div class=“slides-container”>
div class=“slide-item” style=“background-image:url(‘’);”>
img class=“mobile-slide preserve” src=“”/>

In this last line, there’s no alt tag.

I’d like to add a alt tag like this :

img class=“mobile-slide preserve” src=“” alt=“Agence web La Rochelle”/>

1 - How to dd the alt tag, please ?

2 - Why this code in slide.php don’t add the alt tag ?
img class=“mobile-slide preserve” src="?php echo esc_url( $image ); ?>" alt="?php echo esc_html( $titles[‘slider_title_’ . $c] ); ?>"/>

Thanks a lot


Hello Alain,

That’s still in the queue of development for future update. As we’ve a lot of things to code for it, it may take some time. Please be patience. For temporary fix, you can follow this solution.