Newsanchor Pro incompatible with latest release of Wordpress?

Hello Athemes,

My problem is that does not load properly in Chrome and IE where I only get the blue ball bouncing. I raised the issue with Siteground and got this answer:

"The issue is caused by incompatibility between the ‘‘NewsAnchor Pro’’ and the WordPress core installation. Prior to investigate the case, I took a copy of the database in /home -> ‘thinki402068061.sql’.

To check for a theme-plugins incompatibility, I deactivated all the plugins, and tested the site. The issue persisted.

Then, I switched the theme to the default one ‘‘Twentyfifteen’’ , with all the plugins active. The site loads fine.

I reset the site as it was. I encourage you to switch the theme with a compatible one. You can do so through the Dashboard . Alternatively, we can restore the site to the last working state. We keep 30 copies, from the last 30 days.

If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us back!"

Please advise on how to resolve this issue without delay.




We haven’t received any reports about this or noticed issues. Let me investigate deeper and I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

I did a test with the widgets you’re using and all looks fine. By any chance, are you able to set WP_DEBUG to true?

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for looking into the issue. Problems at my end still persists.

Debugging is now enabled on



Okay, apparently there aren’t any PHP issues.

Two things I’d like you to try:

  • purge the cache from WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache (I see you’re using both?);
  • from Customize > Blog options, switch the blog layout to something else (not masonry).

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ll be around now until we resolve this.

Only W3 Total Cache is running and now purged. Also purged cloudflare CDN.

Blog layout changed to Classic and get this debug error;

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/thinki40/public_html/wp-includes/nav-menu.php on line 727

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/thinki40/public_html/wp-includes/nav-menu.php on line 727

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/thinki40/public_html/wp-includes/nav-menu.php on line 731

Send me an admin account please to vlad[at] so I can check it out.
I can’t reproduce any of this locally or on the demo site.

Hi Vlad & Co,

Just wanted to say thank you for solving this issue, and other issues that popped up during the process, so quickly and professionally! You are the best!