NEWSANCHOR: Chrome January 2017 Update


I host four sites - this site (using Newsanchor by aThemes) and three others (using Sydney and Sydney Pro by aThemes).I have SSL Certificates for all four sites.

However, I have been advised by my host service that the SSL Certificate for In the Pocket is not being recognised by the January 2017 Google Chrome Update. The SSL Certificates for the other three websites on Sydney and Sydney Pro are working. My host advised this is a problem with the content/theme.

The Newsanchor theme is not working well for my business.

I request assistance to resolve this issue, as well as my other urgent support thread:

In the Pocket

Hi there,

I checked your site and there is no issue regarding SSL which you can easily test by yourself - see screenshot - I am using latest Chrome version.

Even if there is some issue in Google Chrome it is very lame explanation by your host because that has nothing to do with the theme. SSL error may appear only if some content is loaded as insecure and this is not the case in Chrome nor in Firefox where I also checked this. Even if there is some issue which is caused by browser update, then it is obviously browser related, and it will certainly be fixed with another update.

Regarding your other ticket it is assigned to Csaba, and I am not going to cover that part, but for better sharing results on social networks, you have to use open graph protocol, and there are some good plugins like this one .

Best Regards!