News widget image size

HI, is there a way to make all of the images the same size on the homepage for the news widget? right now, all of mine are showing up as different sizes… thanks so much! my homepage is

It’s quite easy: Just pick images that have the same width and height as the post image.

Look at this topic for some more information:

i pulled my images from different places… is there a way to re-size within the theme?

The best way would be to take a photoedit programm like GIMP or Photoshop and to resize them all to the same width and height.

Another way would be to put this in a child theme or simple custom css plugin:

.entry-thumb a img {
  height: 200px !important;

But this could lead to squeezed images and maybe doesn’t look great with every image. So you should use the first solution maybe. It is more professional to make it this way.