News widget button don't link correct

The “See all S.E.R.E news” button on the frotpage of my site don’t link til all SERE news.

I have 4 slugs attached to the widget.

The “See all Gear Test’s” button works perfectly.

Is it because of multiple slugs, or something else?

In advance thank you.

Yeap, if a category is added then the widget tries to link to the category page instead of the blog. So if 4 categories are added then it cannot find the page it needs to link to.

Is there any workaround on this problem, so it will show all news from the 4 slugs?

Fixed it.

Just made an extra category called “News” and are attaching that plus the relevant category to all post’s.

Then just added only the “News” slug to the News widget.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Lovely solution :slight_smile: