News anchor pro theme is not getting displayed as specified in the Demo

news anchor pro theme is not getting displayed as specified in the Demo. Let me know how to get it.

in the above link, below things are given .

  1. the corousal
  2. 4 columns
  3. headlines
  4. news.
  5. latest images.
  6. footer (About NewsAnchor)

But in my website only the first two things are displayed. from 3(headlines) to 7 (footer) are not getting displayed. LEt me know how to acheive this.

apart from the 2nd point (where i want 2 columns to be displayed) i want rest of the theme to be exactly as specified in the demo.


After inspecting your site, I got this:

  1. Carousel
  2. Home page top - recent post type F widget (with custom CSS code to displaying 2 column side by side)

To make similar sections with the demo page, you can add this:

  1. Carousel
  2. Home page top - recent post type F (make sure you remove the custom CSS code and entry all category fields)
  3. Recent post type E widget
  4. Recent post type A widget
  5. Recent post type B widget
  6. Recent post type C widget
  7. Home page bottom: Recent post D

For the sidebar:

  1. Newsanchor: Recent post recent post widget
  2. Newsanchor: tabbed widget
  3. Calendar widget
  4. Categories widget
  5. Newsanchor: recent comments widget


Hi Awan,

After adding those widgets , headings like “headlines” , “politics” are not properly displaying in mobile. The first two letters are not getting displayed and are disappeared in the extreme left side.
ie… Data in Widgets Home page , type A and Type E are not properly displayed in mobile. Starting letters are missing in extreme left side.



The issue is caused by this custom CSS code:

.content-wrapper {
    padding: 1px 1px 1px;

You can disable it when in mobile screen by replacing the code with this:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
  .content-wrapper {
    padding: 1px 1px 1px;


thank u awan,

now headlines part and politics part is not cutting to left. But also help me in alligning all the post to common margin. means ‘home page top’ widget data is having more left margin than ‘home page’ widget data.

Please check in the below link

This problem is occuring for Tab view and mobile view, but not on desktop view.

‘Headlines’ and ‘politics’ part are more aligned to left than the ‘carousel’ and ‘movie’ part.I need all the data in whole page to a common margin. Kindly help me out.

Ah I see… Add this please:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
  .home .content-area {
    padding: 0px 10px;

Thank u very much awan… my issue is resolved…:slight_smile: