New version 1.0.7 issue

Hi I have just uploaded new version of Leto 1.0.7
All of the sudden my web site seems SLL security has been disappeared.
I don’t know what is happening…

I wonder If I buy Pro version it doesn’t bother this kind of issue?
Thank you.

Hello there,

To check if it’s a specific theme issue with Leto, try switching to the one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen.


Hi Thank you for your advice .
I have switched theme to Twenty Seventeen and it shows SSL
but once I switched leto then again SSL disappeared…
How can I fix it?
I really like leto design which is so cool and easy customize but if its not shows SSL
then I have to give up…:confused:

I tried other domain which it works SSL but other issues pop up.
My products displays in front page but nothing displays while editing it seems "unloading…"forever …so I can’t categorize and do anything…

Please let me know of your thoughts.
Thank you.

Hello there,

I inspected the code and didn’t find any plain http call in the theme, that’s indicating it should not break https. Perhaps I should take some time for more deeper inspection. Please share a link to your site site, so I can check based on your site setup. At the meantime, try fixing it yourself with one of these plugins:


Hi Thank you for the links.
I am little bit worried trying these plugs in because I don’t want to be messed up
but I will check it out.

my site

Best regards

Ps I also want to ask you about other issues about leto.
woo commerce products it doesn’t display while editing.
Should I write this as new topic?
Thank you.

Hello there,

AFAIK, those kind of plugins won’t break the site’s functionalities.

Yes, please post your other question on its own topic. Avoid posting multiple questions at once to keep our support forum in good order and easier to follow by others.


Ok Thank you for your advice.
I will try that out.

I will post other question soon.

Best regards.