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Good Day! Please help!
I am building a new site on the Sydney theme and love it so far. I want a minimal site that has sections on the home page and will allow for buttons to other pages. I created the home page and used the slider with one image no rotation to create the look I wanted to have. I then when into the page builder and was attempting to add a new section below (3 actually) I create the sections in page builder and save, update and nothing show up. I want a single page with multiple sections and the navigation to take me to each section. I have used page builder on other sites and have created other one-page sites so I am a little frustrated by what I’m missing.

I will test on a few other pages so please let me know if there are any tips or advise to have to share with me.


So you basically have no sections at the moment? Can’t really say what you’re missing withou seeing your site. Our documentation for Sydney is here, though adding sections with the Page Builder plugin works the same, regardless of theme.

I think I discovered the issue. I needed to include content in the widgets before they would show up.
Now I just need to identify how to add the sections navigation. linking the menu item to a section on the page. #company ? where is it placed?

Really like the theme so far. I’ll add a rating. :slight_smile:

my site is Currently a test site.

Thanks Much

Linking the menu to sections isn’t really something theme related.
You cannot define your own IDs so you’ll need to link to those generated by the page builder plugin. In your case it’s #pg-2-0 and #pg-2-1 for your two sections. You’ll need to go to Appearance > Menus and use the Custom Links tab. The URLs will be etc.

IS there a way to have the image row (parallax) show without any color overlay? clear in the sections?

Thanks Much Vlad on the nav detail. Not sure where to find the page builder ID so I will have to look around.

Thanks again. Awesome!!

You can change the color of the overlay from the color options. You can also disable it completely by adding this to a custom CSS plugin:

.panel-grid .overlay {
   display: none;

You can find the IDs with the Chrome Dev tools or similar.

Thanks Much Vlad!


I have a problem scrolling pages from top to bottom on laptops. It is almost impossible to use the pad to scroll through the pages. With a slight movement on the pad, we find ourselves at the bottom of the page without being able to read the contents.

Can you tell me where it came from?

Thanks a lot.