New post type called Promotions and 'Services' name change

I’m using Sydney free, thanks for the nice job! It is so much better than any one premium I used before! Incredible that is free!
Anyway there is something I don’t know how to complete, please I need an help!
I would like to create a new post type for “promotions” on a limited time base. It isn’t a single product discount on a percentage that I need. It is more something like “if you buy all this you get that free” and there are not plugin available for this necessity. That’s why I thought to create a new post type and solve after to the “count down offer” in some way with javascript ( witch will be not that easy I know :frowning: … any suggestion?) (or renounce to this functionality) .

Please I need a little help for these steps to complete my site:

  1. How do I create a new post type for promotions as projects (new tab called promotions)? As you know on free theme I have ‘Sydney Toolbox’ active and not general ‘Toolbox’, can you please help?
    May be to do so Ill’ use the post type projects (file?) to duplicate style and content for new post type, but where is it on the theme? Is it just in the code? If so where?

  2. I’d like to change the style of projects list page and single project page (ex: projects title centred), where can I find it in css?

  3. Please I need, for seo and correct content exposition, to change the post type name “services” in “products” because we do not have services, how do I do it?


Update: found a simple plug in for changing post type name … the number 3 is solved! :slight_smile: (Custom post type) Useful even for language staff


  1. I don’t think that there is an easy way to do it, unfortunately.

  2. Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I found another way to create custom post type using a plugin different than Toolset, so in a easy way. I need to test it bust seams to work for now.
The last thing to do are 2: css stuff, center the title in Custom post types, and insert a plugin to use custom javascript to create time limited promotions …
There is a little bug I found (or may be I made a mistake in a way I don’t know). In the home page the text on the slider is showing a very small title. Don’t know how to reset it in the correct way: can you help? (

Hello there,


To create your own post type, the easiest way is use a plugin. Try this one.

For your other question (#2) please post in a separate topic and avoid asking multiple questions at once. Doing this will help us easier archive our support forum, so it’ll be easier to read by other users.