New header image: "Image crop area preview. Requires mouse interaction"

When trying to add a new header image (Theme - Customize - Header Area - Header image), after selecting an image and clicking “Select and crop” I just see this text without seeing the image or the cropping tool

“Image crop area preview. Requires mouse interaction”

I’m wondering if this could be a permissions issue or something related to configuration? I used this theme (and this feature) on a local dev server without any problems.

Hello @fredbutters,

Can you please try to activate a default theme, like Twenty Sixteen, and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Roman, thanks for the reply. I switched to Twenty Sixteen and saw the same behavior so I don’t think it’s a problem with this theme.

If you have any other suggestions I’d appreciate any ideas you may have, otherwise thanks for your time.


The error message was actually the title attribute on an <img /> tag and I was getting access denied on an image I had uploaded to the Rocked theme. I went into the server (Windows 2012 R2) and couldn’t even view that image on disk as a domain admin. I was able to copy/paste the image and rename it. Afterward I was able to use the cropping tool.

Again, I’m not sure this is specific to this theme but when searching for this error message online this thread is the first result so hopefully it will help someone else.

Thanks again.

Hello @fredbutters,

It’s great that you have figured it out!

And thank you for sharing a solution :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Kind Regards, Roman.