New Child Theme "Yoga" missing one click demo import

The previous 8 are available but the four new ones, including “Logo” is missing from the One Click Demo Impost page for the special plugin. Do you know when it will be available? I’m working on a fitness coach website right now and this is one of the times having the demo imported would help.

I managed to get some of the content imported manually. I know I will have to use Smart Slider 3 (or Crelly) to get what I really want but just wanted it start with the demo content looking like the demo.

Thanks for any info. J

Hi there,

There might be some confusion here. Yoga is a child theme so it needs to be installed and with it active you’ll have access to the demo content via the importer plugin.

The 8 previous demos you mentioned are not child themes, they are just layouts and we’re moving away from them because we can offer a more customised experience in child themes.

Hope this helps.


Makes sense… but when you follow the instructions, the plug in only offers the layouts as choices. I think I am far enough alone to not need now anyway. Really good job on the child themes. Thanks for the follow up response Vlad. J