Netscaler Gateway & Sydney Pro Theme Issue

Hi Team,

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you may give on this issue, which is broad and annoying.

A number of my clients that I’ve been helping out with web design work for major bank and financial institutions, and I’ve been helping to setup their websites for their side hustles and such. They expect that the majority of their client base should also come from there, and in the past this has been true.

However, the issue is that the Sydney Pro theme doesn’t seem to get past the security measures that these financial institutions have - namely, the current one is the “Netscaler Gateway” by Citrix. The sites either:

  1. Don’t load at all, giving a firewall error in any browser; or
  2. Load up but look very different, ugly and disfigured.

I know that you guys do not help with 3rd party software and such, and I am not asking you to at all but I was wondering if you knew of any workaround or anything that I could add to my Sydney Pro sites to stop them from behaving in this way.

Unfortunately I am unable to turn off this Netscaler Gateway software, but my clients will lose their primary client base if the sites look as they do in the screenshots I have linked to.

I also must note that other sites I have created with different themes don’t seem to have the same sorts of issues and those sites load up just fine, which is very sad because I love everything about your themes here and would like to find a way to make this work.

Here are the screenshots: One is in Firefox & the other is in Chrome.

Thank you in advance,
Kind Regards,

Hi there,

Really sorry about the delay.
Looks like loads fine?
This screenshot is from Chrome but it also looks the same in FF.

Or should I check a different site?


Hi Vlad,

No worries at all about the delayed reply, in fact it helped me investigate further.

I actually took screenshots of a few of my sites from a few of my clients’ workspaces. The worst is when it doesn’t load up at all.


  1. Hydrating Homeopathy: Chrome

  2. Hydrating Homeopathy same computer, FireFox but different error to Chrome it seems:

  3. One of my sites with a completely different theme - HMB, working just fine:

  4. One of my other sites with a completely different theme - HMC, working just fine:

  5. - Firefox:

  6. - Firefox, when I was going to update this ticket but got sidetracked:

Another thing to note is that is hosted elsewhere, away from those other sites, as I thought maybe it is an issue with the web hosting but I don’t think so, given this fact.

Not sure if any of the above help in any way, and I do apologise for bringing up this ticket :frowning:

Thank you again for your assistance,

Please let me know what else I can do in terms of information or anything - keeping in mind that I am unable to make amendments to my clients’ employers servers or anything.

Thank you

So I think I might be missing the point here.
What you’re saying is that if somebody has Netscaler Gateway installed on his computer, he cannot access the sites you listed?

Hi Vlad, I think so :disappointed_relieved: but i want to fix it. Each of the client bases of users is huge, but my clients’ customers are unable to use the sites. :persevere:


Well, when you’re able to take another screenshot, make sure you go to Console via the Inspector Tools. Might give some indication on why this is happening. It’s F12 and then ESC on Chrome.

Hi Vlad,

Many thanks for the tip. I saw your message and went there today.

Hopefully I did it correctly:


Not sure if this helps at all really - but fingers crossed.

Thank you heaps again,

Kind Regards,


Unfortunately the console shows no errors, so there’s no indication of what could be wrong. It’s strange because the only external resource that’s being loaded by the theme are Google Fonts, but those are loaded over a secure protocol.

So if on one of the sites with issues you activate a different theme, it works fine?