Need to scroll left on phone to see logo


I have tried to add several different solutions to custom css but nothing works.
When I open the site in my phone, I don’t see the logo. I have to scroll right, like if there was another column added just for the logo.

can you please check. It’s on



Well, it’s from your custom CSS. You’re setting a 350px left margin for the logo, that’s why it gets pushed to the right. You should set it inside a media query.

Hi Vlad,

I already thought that this could be the issue but it’s not. I deleted the margin. You can see that the logo when you open the site in laptop is now on left, not in center.
But on phone, it’s still out of the area.

can you please check and advice?

I’m opening it on my PC and shrinking the window. The margin is still there and also you’ve set a max-width of 400 for the logo. Obviously, that won’t fit on phones :slight_smile:

If you’re sure you removed it than you might have a caching issue, but I guarantee that the offset is caused by that margin. See here:

Pretty sure I deleted it and logo doesn’t have margin on my laptop:

anyway, any idea how would I solve the “caching issue” then? I know it’s not really you problem, but if you have any idea, please share

You probably don’t see the margin anymore because you’re logged in.

Do you have a caching plugin, like WP SuperCache or similar? If you do, the plugin should provide an option to clear its cache.

you’re the best, works perfectly with Cache plugin

Cool, I’m glad it’s solved. Feel free to rate the theme if you have time: