Need to add attributes to 'call to action' button

Love the theme but i need the ability to add attributes to the call to action button in the slider.
When adding the attributes and adding a link to a script file the button should open an iframe with a restuarant menu. Theres no obvious way of doing this with this theme so could do with some advice.

This script tag will need to be added somewhere,

Could you tell me where best to place this?

And how will i be able to add this to the button? data-glf-cuid=“b636ffb9-0ec8-454f-b4c4-42532607c8df” data-glf-ruid=“5ecf79a7-1847-4b2e-895d-e18f062638a0”

Would really appreicate the advice for this

Hello there,

Edit the inc/slider.php file, then find the below code line:

  return '<a href="' . esc_url($slider_button_url) . '" class="roll-button button-slider">' . esc_html($slider_button) . '</a>';

In there you can put new attributes to the button. In your case, it would look like this:

  return '<a href="' . esc_url($slider_button_url) . '" class="roll-button button-slider" data-glf-cuid="b636ffb9-0ec8-454f-b4c4-42532607c8df" data-glf-ruid="5ecf79a7-1847-4b2e-895d-e18f062638a0">' . esc_html($slider_button) . '</a>';


Thanks, worked perfectly!