Need more Docu about Configuration Moesia

i’m a moesia-newbe. till now i installed the pro version and tried to follow your configuration-guide. most of it worked well till now, but i got a strange problem. the blogteasers «latest blogposts» are just links on «My Frontpage».
What should i do, when i like to see three complete blog-teaser (pictures and about 50 words)? like «our projects» or all the other stuff i can place and configure on frontpage (testimonial, social media, etc.)

do you have more documentations. how to work with moesia for template-beginners?

thx 4 request



You’re probably using some other widget. What you want to add is the Moesia: Latest News widget which can be seen here:
It is written in the documentation and there is also demo content :slight_smile:

I’m also a moesia-newbe. I apologize if this is not the right place. I searched the forum but could not find anything around my problem. Let me know if you can install plugins other than the two recommended in Moesia. I want to install google-calendar-events and also Contact Form 7. Why instal new plugin is hide?
Thank you for your attention.

now i took «latest news» and it looks like the same …

Can you show me your website please? There is no way that it can look the same if you have content and a featured image.

@silvestromeo: You’re probably on multisite or your host disabled it. The theme doesn’t disable Install new plugin.

you’re right. i’m on multisite. does your template not working with? i opened my domain for a short time for you. please take look, i will close the page after:

As I said, you’re not using the correct widget. This is the one you need:

The multisite comment was for @silvestromeo and it has nothing to do with the theme.

I think I understand. I created the site for a test on After receiving your email, I installed Moesia on and I have not problem for plugins. I’m considering buying the pro version. Thanks for your quick response.

hi there vlad, i love the look of the latest news widget in preference to the moesia projects widget. is there any way that i can get the latest news widget to link to pages rather than blog posts please?
many thanks.

First I apologize if this is not the way issues.
But NEED MUCH, hide the calendar and the author of area posts. It is unnecessary for me!
I lay on the subject and as far as I could interpret CSS, find no line on the subject.

Thank you very much for your help!