Need help

Hey, Vlad
I like your theme very much. Im sorry that disturbing you but i have some problems

  1. I don’t understand how to put social widget buttons. (I have read instruction inside the widget but still cant do this). And the sames problem about the widget “projects”. Can you give me plz instructions?
  2. How to remove points from the main header picture?i want just clear picture
  3. How to make button on header picture
  4. How to change background color of Moesia Video block?
  5. How to make testimonials widget to be displayed? (i’ve read instructions inside and dont understand where i can add some testimonials from the dashboard

thank you !


Have you seen the theme documentation?

yes and still have problems

Where is Projects and testimonials tab ?

Have another look at the documentation please. You need to import the settings xml file for the Types plugin. It’s between the first things that are written in the documentation.

Thanks! I did it again and it works