Need help!

Hi, Vlad!

  1. I like this icons and i want to put theme to “text” widget. How can i do?
  2. Hov can i make in widget Services A just one column?

Thank you!


  1. FontAwesome is already included in the theme. Check their examples page on the link you posted to see how to use it.
  2. The Type B services widget can display a single column. Check its settings.


I have one more problem when i set image as background of the raw in line it is always with black padding but i ned just image with no black. What can i do?

Set the row to full width.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help

You can check here in the end of the page last line. Why it is black?

I’m not seeing any padding there. Are you referring to the overlay? You can go to Customize > Colors and change the overlay color.