Need help with space between widgets

I apologize in advance for my poor english :slight_smile:

I have a trouble with spaces between some widgets and left & right margins. I think I done all settings as in tutorial. But this is what my text+skills row looks like:

For comparison - I want this full width look of row:

In the demo we’ve added a bit of CSS for those two widgets. Click Edit Widget and go to Attributes. See here please what we have:
Same thing for the skills widget, only different colors.

Thanks for help! It works partially.

Look at the image. There is no space between panels but margins (left and right) are still white. What I shoul do with this?

Go to Edit Row and set your row to Full width stretched.

I’m having the same problem. When you click edit row, the option to set the row to full width stretched isn’t there. In fact, the option to set your row to anything isn’t there at all.

I’m pretty sure it is :slight_smile: Edit Row > Theme > Row Layout.

I’m sure it’s on your page but it’s not on mine.
Here’s a screenshot:

Those are the Widget styles, you’re looking for the Row styles. The wrench icon on each of your rows.

got it, thanks!