Need help with main.min.js

Hi Guys,

I am using PERTH to build my website and here’s the issue that I am facing with Crelly Slider plugin - I have embedded Vimeo video. It shows in the preview but goes missing on the front-end. The author of the plugin has identified conflict with the theme. Here’s what he says:

The YouTube iframe gets wrapped around a div (.fluid-width-video-wrapper). I’ve downloaded your theme and discovered that automatically applies the plugin FitVides.js ( to every video. I have modified main.min.js to disable that plugin. Download the modified file from here:
and replace the current file (which is located in with the one I’ve provided.
Please, be aware that this is a temporary solution: if the theme developer will update the theme, the .js will probably be replaced again. Wait for his response for a permanent fix.

The entire topic can be traced back here -

After replacing the main.min.js that was provided to me by Crelly Slider author, the video seems to work on IE & Firefox; however does not show up on Google Chrome. Is there something that you can help me with? Would really appreciate.

Ami Shah

Further, After replacing the main.min.js file, I notice that the video container dimensions have changed to portrait orientation; need to get it back to landscape. Please help.


We can exclude videos from inside the Crelly Slider from using fitvids. We’ll do this in the next version.

Thanks for the response, @Vlad.

Is there a way I can temporarily fix the issue of video container dimensions? I am facing the same issue with SiteOrigin and Perth Video widget. Need regular landscape thumbnail on my homepage. Please help.

Ami Shah

Well if you removed fitvids you could perhaps use the responsive videos module from Jetpack.

Hi @vlad,

I have messed up the site. I downloaded the Perth theme once again and replaced main.min.js using FileZilla, yet my site does not seem to work the way it did earlier. Could you please help?

Ami Shah