Need help with caching issue Sydney

My Sydney site looks great on desktop usually but when I load on mobile and some other browsers it just doesn’t have the correct look it should, instead the menu is just blue and plain, I really need help I have tried everything cache wise my basic knowledge allows,

Hello there,

Please try running the latest version of mobile web browser. If it does change nothing, try disabling any script compression/manipulation you’ve done with caching plugin.

To get to know the best advice on site optimization, you read this codex:


Hello thanks for your reply, My mobile browser is the latest version, I still just can’t figure out what it is, I had cloudflare on which I disabled to check, I had W3 on which I also disabled to check and still it does it, there should be 3 pictures attached that shows the difference in views of the site, hoping that someone has seen this before and knows why it’s happening.