Need help on mobile view -reg

Hi Kharis,

With respect to the text widget, the display of the contents are cropped in mobile view… I have attached the screenshot for your reference taken in both my iphone as well as in Android phone to your mail id…
(As you can refer the screenshot, you will see, I am not able to see the rest of the contents… Is there any way that i can reduce the size of the text in the mobile view alone so that i can fit in all the contents without reducing/increasing the height of the mojo plugin ? Also… You can see in the screen shot, there is too much of space in the margins/paddings… Can we also reduce this so that we can accomodate the rest of the contents without much reduction in the font size ?)

Your help on this last one would be highly appreciated…

Will wait for your reply.

Once again, Thanks a ton !!!