Need help figuring out mansory portfolio

ok thats what i did so far.
in jetpack i activated the portfolio option.

now i added three portfolio categories

  • online
  • print-media

the both categories above are sub-categories of photograpyhy.

I installed the mosesia mansory plugin and activated it in the wordpress pluginmanager

i added the shortcode and as include i used the slugs from all three categories above, however only photography shows up.
Next problem is, there is no pictures or anythign else to click on.

I added one project with a featured image, but it doesnt show up.

If i go to it shows me the standard wordpress portfolia, which is ugly, because it looks like the blog

now my mansory portfolio should show up at

but only thing which shows up is the photograpyh button for the filter and thats it.

Follow the video, try using only parent categories, make sure you’re using jetpack-portfolio as the post type. Sorry, time is very limited today.

for testing i set everything to parent categories now. I followed the video, I mean it doesnt show much how to configure it, more just the graphical layout.

I cant select post type

but i created the entries via Portfolio -> add new (project)

but stil it shows me only one parent category and thats it. no items…

for the portfolio issue:
i have three portfolio categories

all of this categories are now in root with now sub categories. before photography was parent and the other two sub.

for your shortcode i used include=“photography,print,online”

if i use it like this, it will show up at the frontend with only showing photography and show all as filter elements.

Once i delete photograhy and just use print,online or only online or print, it shows all the tags of my posts in the front end.

however photography has no portfolio item only print and online have one each

How exactly can you not select the post type? It is written on the plugin page. Can you show me the page where you’re using the portfolio shortcode?

Here’s the masonry plugin on one of our users websites:
Maybe you notice what you’re missing.

Oh there was a missunderstanding, now i got you, hwat you mean with post type. sorry for that.

[moesia-masonry posts=“2” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“jetpack-portfolio” filter=“yes” include=“photography,online,print-media”]

thats what i have set it too, but still nothing. it only shows see all and photography, nothing else of the filters or even any of the “prjoects” i added

After trying a bit, I will go with a different approach for a portfolio.